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Located in Haute Savoie, 30 minutes away from Geneva, in the Arve Valley near La Roche sur Foron, Resale Components aims to recover electronic components from obsolete or defective equipment collected from trusted partners (manufacturers and electronic equipment suppliers, repair center, recyclers, merchants…). Thus, each functional component can be recycled and live a second life in a new setting.

In these times of sustainable development, Resale Components is proud to help reduce electronic waste by putting repaired, checked, tested and guaranteed products back on the market. Resale Components promotes alternatives to the over-consumption of hardware and thus fights against wastage of natural resources.

From recycling to fixing, not to mention the consulting and the sourcing of spare parts, Resale Components intervenes as an expert with its customers and partners.

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Recycling electronic components is our core business! Resale Components collects damaged and/or obsolete hard drives and integrated circuits from hardware; we recondition them and offer them for sale once repaired, tested and guaranteed!


As an expert in the end-of-life management of electronic and electrical products, Resale Components offers you its know-how and experience in order to guide you towards the best processes and sectors.


Resale Components looks for obsolete or scarce electronic components within its worldwide network so that you can continue your production or repairs;


Following a sustainable development approach, Resale Components also offers repair services thanks to its partners in B2B service.

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our philosophy

Resale Components intends to reach manufacturers, distributors, repairers and recyclers of electronic products with the aim of recycling electronic products in the best possible way. Our goal is to reduce electronic waste to a minimum in order to limit its impact on the environment. According to the PlanetoScope, website, the production of Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) worldwide represents 44.7 million tons, that is the equivalent of 3000 lb per second and 13.5 lb per person on average per year (37 lb in Europe). 80% of this electronic waste is not traced nor recycled. It is therefore important to adopt an ecologically responsible approach by recycling electronic components: this is why Resale Components aims to be a privileged partner in the recycling of your IT and telecom equipment.
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