Resale Components specializes in the recovery of electronic components coming from obsolete or defective electronic equipment. Our business is based on an expert knowledge of the components present in the equipment to be processed.

The main selection criterions are:

  • A manufacture date below 5 years
  • Recoverable components: FLASH memory, NAND, DDR2, DDR3, processor…
  • The volume to be processed

After identification of the recoverable components, a process of separation is carried out in order to extract the components without any damage. We can process complete products or PCBs only. The parts collected after the separation are selected and sent back to the supplier according to these criteria.

Pour réaliser une offre et une étude personnalisées sur vos produits, il suffit de nous envoyer : 

  • 2 samples of your products
  • The volume to be treated
  • A provision date of the products

How does it work ?

Recycling of electronic components by Resale Components

The reconditioning by resale components

For more information about the recycling of electronic components by Resale Components, contact us!

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